Resident Evil 4 VR Content Censored and Removed “For a Modern Audience”

Resident Evil 4 Remake is rumored to be in development, and now there’s reason to believe that if Capcom does remake the 2005 survival-horror classic, it will remove and censor some content. Resident Evil 4 VR, a remaster of the game built from the ground-up for VR, is releasing tomorrow. Ahead of this release, there have been reports that some of the content has been removed and censored. Today, Capcom confirmed these reports, revealing that certain dialogue has been removed from the game alongside certain animations.

More specifically, Resident Evil 4 VR has removed certain bits of suggestive dialogue involving Ashley Graham, including lines about her body. Meanwhile, players can also no longer look up Ashley’s skirt during parts of the game where the character is climbing and the scene where Ashley suggests to Leon the pair go back to her place for some “overtime” has also been completely removed.

Speaking to these changes, a Facebook representative says these “select changes” were to update the game “for a modern audience.” 

“Oculus Studios, Armature, and Capcom partnered closely to remaster Resident Evil 4 from the ground up for VR,” said Facebook to IGN. “This includes immersive environments and high-resolution graphics. It also includes select changes to in-game dialogue and animations that we believe will update Resident Evil 4 for a modern audience.”

It remains to be seen what the response from Resident Evil fans will be. None of these changes were publicized, so many fans of the series are just now learning about them. Whatever the case, and whatever you think of the changes, it suggests similar changes could be on the table for a remake of Resident Evil 4, which is not only heavily-rumored, but inevitable after recent remakes of previous games in the series.


As always, feel free to hit the comments section with your thoughts or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. What do you think of these changes? Was the aforementioned trio right in cutting and censoring this content? Should these changes be made when Resident Evil 4 Remake is inevitably released?

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