Westworld Modern Trailer Released By HBO Max

Warner Bros. and HBO Max have released a new trailer for the original Westworld movie. The film came out back in 1973, inspiring the popular HBO series decades later. Westworld was very much a film ahead of its time, being a part of the science fiction movie revolution and using high-tech concepts for storytelling despite visual effects being nowhere near the capabilities of where they are today. Much of the film used practical effects, something which actually enhances the viewing experience, as it tells a story of a vacation destination where lifelike robots develop human-like tendencies.

In the video above, the 1973 Westworld movie gets a trailer recut with today’s editing styles. Despite the production being multiple decades ago, the movie holds up quite well and fits right in with the new age blockbuster with this type of “epic trailer” editing which HBO Max has labeled as the film’s “Modern Trailer.”

“A high-tech amusement park for adults features three recreated historical environments – Medieval World, Roman World and Western World – populated by highly realistic androids programmed to indulge the whims of every high-paying guest,” the synopsis for the Westworld movie reads. “The main attraction of Westworld is the Gunslinger – a robot programmed to start duels but who can always be killed by humans packing special guns. John and Peter, two buddies on vacation, wake up in a Westworld bordello after a night of brawls and booze, not yet knowing that a system-wide failure has infected the androids and placed them in mortal danger. Stream the 1973 film, Westworld, on HBO Max today.”

Westworld stars Yul Brynner, Richared Benjamin, James Brolin, Normal Bartold, Alan Oppenheimer, and Victora Shaw under the direction of Michael Crichton. Crichton also wrote the original movie.


Of course, Westworld has inspired a hit series which was quite popular in its earliest season. The series become a psychological thrill ride as the audience had no idea what to expect as multiple timelines came into play, many comparing the story of the series to thee 1973 movie from which the inspiration came.

Are going to watch Westworld on HBO Max? Have you already seen the film? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram!

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