What’s Our Story?

We would like to tell you we are a team of well-informed techno-geeks, or that we are a collective of comic book and anime artists working diligently to preserve and promote the comic lifestyle. But that wouldn’t be our story, our story is pretty plain.  We are just a couple of fans, blue-collar working stiffs and friends that wanted to create a place where we could sit back, nerd out and get immersed in the things we love with like-minded people, without having to search and surf the internet.

Our Content

We try to gather the best, latest and most relevant content in an attempt to make this site both visually and functionally appealing.  But we are more computer gamers than we are computer programmers and we are science fiction fans…not computer scientists. We barely know what we are doing here and learn something new every day that we pay attention…which is not every day. Some of the content is pulled automatically from willing sources using some type of computery magic called a plugin that we do NOT understand and it may not be pulling the purest of fandom content. We try to stay on top of this and keep the content fresh, relevant and current without letting the “Marvel New Comic Book Deadpool X-Men buy Amazon jewelry” posts thru…but sometimes they get by us.

This site is more fan page/tribute to what we love than it is a business site.  So if we lag a little in content, replies, fixes, etc., we may be hungover, stoned, asleep, dealing with the kids/wife/girlfriend, working or just don’t have the time to mess with it… depending on whose day it is to mess with it.

Wrap Up

All that being said, if you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, artwork you want to submit or want to advertise just hit us up thru the Contact Us link. Someone will get back to you within 48 hours. That is unless you send us a message on Thursday and the following Monday happens to be a holiday.  Which means we will probably be partying for 4 days and will NOT get back to you within 48 hours.  Like I said we are a group of friends that kick it together and nerd out whenever we get a chance… and party… so give us a break, we’re living the dream. You shouldn’t be so judgmental anyways, it’s not good for your karma.

Remember, “With great powder, there must also come great aridity!”.