Eric J. Pringle, an animator for the Cartoon Network series Teen Titans Go!, has taken it upon himself to give a fan of the show a belated, but very special birthday gift in the form of a video clip of the animated series’ stars.

Pringle’s message on Twitter reads, “A year or two ago, our fan Wagner wrote to the Titans inviting them to his birthday party. We thought it’d be nice if the Titans got back to him, so I animated this over my winter break.” What follows is a short, voice-acted clip in which the Titans explain to Wagner that they wanted to go to his birthday party but weren’t able to make it, as they were busy saving Jump City from the villain Brother Blood.

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Whether or not you’re a fan of Teen Titans Go!, there’s no denying that this makes for an incredibly kind-hearted gift for someone who very clearly has a lot of love for these characters, especially seeing as how the animator took time out of his vacation in order to make it a reality.

Teen Titans Go! is currently in the midst of its fifth season at Cartoon Network. The show also recently celebrated its theatrical release Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, which featured a post-credits scene that hinted at a revival of the beloved 2003 Teen Titans animated series being in the works.

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